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CompEdu for Pocket PC

The CompEduHPT developing group has recently became a pioneer in the field of mobile learning in energy technology. As it is widely known, recent developments in technology have created the possibility for people to learn anywhere, at anytime, through the use of mobile devices. Thus, it was decided to ensure that CompEduHPT was compatible with Pocket PC.

Currently, a pilot test with 10 Pocket PCs' is ongoing. In this test, students have been given Pocket PCs' with the required software, wireless and Bluetooth connection capabilities and access to WebCompEdu (online and offline). The first phase of this pilot test will run from September 2005 until December 2005.

One possible important application of the combination between WebCompEdu and mobile devices could be in the lifelong learning perspective. To provide education to graduated or experienced people, who require information on specialized topics and need to fit this in their regular working schedule, is currently an important challenge. The advanced search functions in WebCompEdu and the possibility to quickly access small, specialized topics in energy technology can become a niche application for lifelong learning.

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