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Welcome to the Home page of CompEduHPT

The CompEdu platform is an inexpensive, low cost gateway to self-study on-line and/or on-campus learning, education and training in heat and power technology, including performance, gas turbines, steam turbines, district heating, cogeneration, combined cycles, renewable energy systems, aero- and thermodynamics of turbomachinery, both from a technical and economical side. The platform can be used as a self-study or as part of university courses on the topic. The different chapters in the platform start on a basic, non-engineering level explaining the fundamental nature of the processes or components in the system, and end in some learning objects at a Master or PhD level. The user can freely select the parts of interest. The platform is ideally suited to technicians as well as university students. Teachers are free to use any part of the platform as a teaching tool.

The platform is a collaboration between teachers at several universities world-wide and is available as part of a not-for-profit educational approach.

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)
Department of Energy Technology
Division of Heat and Power Technology

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