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KTH-EGI IEA Annex 31: Advanced modeling and tools for analysis in supermarket systems
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IEA Annex 31: Advanced modeling and tools for analysis in supermarket systems

Ledare: Jaime Arias Per Lundqvist
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Workshop in Beijing

Welcome to the Intranet webpage of Annex 31.

Annex 31 workshop in Zurich, May 19th, 2008.

Some recent outcomes of the Annex 31 activities have been presented in this workshop. Annex 31 deals with the topic of "Advanced Modelling and Tools for Analysis of Energy Use in Supermarkets Systems". It was officially started in January 2006 and is scheduled to remain in force until December 2008. An extension has however been proposed to the IEA executive committee in order to benefit to the extensive collection of Supermarket energy use data facilitated by US EPA. Sweden is the designated Operating Agent, acting through the Royal Institute of Technology. Participating countries are Sweden, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

The workshop included presentations of case studies of energy efficient supermarkets from the United States, Sweden, Germany and Canada. Modelling and simulation tools used in the energy analysis of supermarket systems have been described and discussed. Special attention has been paid to the topic of heat recovery and improving the utilization of the refrigeration system in supermarkets to fulfil the simultaneous cooling and heating needs.

This workshop offered an excellent opportunity for those involved in supermarket systems R&D and design to keep track of the latest developments and to exchange ideas with other experts in the field.

Current activity in the annex is devoted to collecting experiences from modelling of supermarket systems and each country will report on modelling activities as well as available software (whole supermarket computer models) as well as useful component models specific to supermarkets.

The workshop were organized into three sessions over one-half days dealing with the following.

Per Lundqvist, Welcoming and perspectives on energy use in supermarkets (Presentation)

Energy efficient Supermarket in four countries – a comparison

Van Baxter, US Natl. Team Activities (Presentation)

Monica Axell, Sweden Natl. Team Activities

Rainer Jacobs Germany Natl. Team Activities

Daniel Giugere, Canada Natl. Team Activities

Modelling and Simulation tools for supermarkets – do they exist?

Daniel Giguere, Canada - New supermarket module in RetScreen software (Presentation)

Yunting Gee, UK – Experiences from modelling supermarkets in TRNSYS (Presentation)

Jaime Arias, Sweden – How to use simulation tools to improve supermarket design and operation (Presentation)

Van Baxter, US – New supermarket modules for the Energy+ software (Presentation)

Heat recovery and other new concepts

Jaime Arias, Sweden, Heat recovery by Heat pumps in supermarket refrigeration systems (Presentation)

Rainer Jacobs, Germany. New concepts and ideas in Germany for improved energy efficiency in supermarkets (Presentation)

Workshop in Beijing

Another Workshop of Annex 31 was held as part of the 22nd IIR Congress of Refrigeration in Beijing, China the 25th of August 2008. This workshop presented the R&D activities and case studies and field tests being conducted by the Annex member countries. The workshop was co-sponsored by Commission E2 of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIF/IIR). The workshop were organized into two sessions over one-half days dealing with the following.

Introduction: Professor Per Lundqvist, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (Presentation)

First Part

Task 1- Collection of available data from different supermarkets

Task 2 - Development of performance indices for supermarkets

Country presentation

Canada: Dr. Vasile Minea, Scientist Researcher, Hydro-Quebec Research Institute Canada (Presentation)

Germany: Dr. Rainer Jakobs, IZW, Information Centre on Heat Pumps and Refrigeration, Germany (Presentation)

Professor Michael Kauffeld, University of Applied Sciences, Germany (Presentation)

USA: Dr. Deepak Perti, Senior Research, Dupont, USA. (Presentation)

UK: Professor Savas Tassou, Head of School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University. (Presentation)

Sweden: Dr. Monica Axell, Research, Technical Research Institute of Sweden and Manager, IEA Heat Pump Centre. (Presentation)

Second Part

Task 3: Development and validation of a model library for specific supermarket equipment

Task 4: Development of whole-building simulation models.

Country presentation

Canada: Mr. Daniel Giguére, Project Manager, Natural Resources Canada. (Presentation)

Germany: Dr. Rainer Jakobs, IZW, Information Centre on Heat Pumps and Refrigeration, Germany (Presentation)

USA: Dr. Deepak Perti, Senior Research, Dupont, USA. (Presentation)

UK: Dr Yunting Ge, Lecturer, Brunel University, (Presentation)

Sweden: Dr. Jaime Arias, Research, Royal Institute of Technology. (Presentation)

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