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KTH-EGI Energy Management, 6 credits
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Department of Energy Technology
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Energy Management, 6 credits

Coordinator: Per Lundqvist
Student Assist. Monika Ignatowicz
Examiner: Per Lundqvist
Course nr: MJ2410
Date/period: Period 3-4
In brief:

MJ2410 – Energy Management, 6 credits


If you have any question about the exam results or the assignments, please email to


First lecture will be held on 18th Jan 2011

at 8.15am in M2!!!!!


Welcome to Energy Management 2011


We will use the Software Homer this year and a getting started guide for HOMER is available as a pdf if you follow this link: Getting started guide, New info about HOMER download

If you experience difficulties running HOMER (due to "license renewal" issues), please contact Anders Johansson.

More information may also be found in the “Bilda” platform, where all communication, submissions and instructions will be handled in this course.

Log in to “Bilda” following this link:


Teachers:                               Per Lundqvist, Prof.

Rahmat Khodabandeh, Dr.

Örjan Svane, Doc, Department of Urban Planning and Environment, KTH

Thomas Sandberg, Prof. INDEK, KTH

Fredrik Lagergren, Dr. director KTH Executive school

Thomas Hahn, Ass prof, Stockholm Resilience Centre, SU

Jon-Erik Dahlin, Dr

Aleh Kliatsko, MSc.


Course Administration:      Monika Ignatowicz, MSc.  (primary contact)

Ehsan Bitarif Haghighi, M.Sc. (technical support)





Course description

The course aims at broadening the students’ abilities to cope with analytic and strategic issues related to energy systems and management through systems thinking and modelling. The course has been developed with the general idea that this broad topic cannot be taught in a conventional way (lectures, written exam etc). Understanding of (energy) systems including management aspects (such as organisation) is instead facilitated through examples dealing with various issues such as system analysis, technical energy systems, business strategies, new trends, economics and emerging technologies.

What is skill in energy (system) management, one might ask? One way to put it is: “…an ability to foresee and create new possibilities in the future energy system with efficient, economically and environmentally sound solutions...” Since we thus have to deal with technology, economics and organisation issues in an integrated way we could also refer to it as Energy Business Management. It is therefore also relevant engineering skills for Sustainable Development. It is clear that analytical skills must go hand in hand with skills in communication and leadership.

This year (2011) the future energy systems of a net-zero energy islands, somewhere in the world will be scrutinized in a project work (referred to as the case study) under different boundary conditions taking local possibilities in terms of renewable energy into account.


A literature search task coupled to two literature exercises, a literature exam, and a group work are the elements of examination.

In order to get more information about the course, its structure and time plan, see the link below:

 EM course description 2011


Some literture for case study

»  Increasing renewable energy sources in island energy supply: case study Porto Santo « from Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews,  no.8 (2004) pp.383–399

CIA World Fact book: 

International eletronic Journal for Renewables: Journal: refocus 

Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme (RRPGP), Australia

UNESCO PROJECT: Sustainable Living in Small Island Developing States

European Renewable Energy Council

more to come....

More information will follow

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