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 Principal Investigator


Prof. Torsten H. Fransson
is the initiator and driving force behind the
He is participating both related to adapting the on-line laboratory exercises into the educational environment in the Division of Heat and Power Technology as well as the evaluation and assessment of the students learning process


 Remote Labs developing team 

Andrew Martin
is supervising the development of the remote labs and will also implement the labs into future courses

Nalin Navarathna
is working with the development, operation and evaluation of remote labs.

He is the direct contact person

 CompEduHPT team and other supporting persons 
To further enhance learning, Remote Online Lab Exercise were
integrated into CompEduHPT, an extensive and self-contained computerized learning tool in heat and power technology, Developed at Division of Heat and Power Technology at KTH.

Several persons at the department of Energy technology including persons from the Computerized Educational Platform in Heat and Power Technology (CompEduHPT)  are involving in different ways.



Marianne Salomon

Jeevan Jayasuriya


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