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Current projects

Current projects at Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration.

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Last changed: Feb 08, 2020
Cooperation between Supermarkets and Real Estate Owners: Energy Efficiency and Business Models
Efficient utilization of industrial waste heat by low temperature heat driven power cycles – an integrated approach for Swedish Industry
Two-phase flow in flat channels
Novel tool and guidelines for designing ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) in densely populated areas
Digitalization and IoT technologies for Heat Pump systems
High-Resolution GIS District Heating Source-Load Mapping
Data driven lab for building energy systems
Toward Sustainable (Fossil-free) Heating System in Small Residential Buildings
SmartSol2 - Smart Solar Hybrid Solutions for Sustainable European Buildings
Accelerating innovation in buildings
Alternative secondary fluids for indirect refrigeration systems
Building heating solutions in China
Building state-of-the-art (SotA) supermarket: Putting theory into practice
Capacity control in Heat Pump systems
Creating and Understanding Smart Innovation in Cities, CUSIC
Combined Heat and Power plants in combination with borehole thermal energy storage
Compact Minichannel Latent Energy Storage for Air Related Cold Storage Applications
Control systems for hybrid solutions based on biomass fueled Stirling engines, solar and wind for rural electrification
Cost- and Energy-Efficient Control Systems for Buildings
Future Secondary Fluids for indirect refrigerration systems
Improved borehole technology for Geothermal Heat Pumps development
Long-term performance measurement of GSHP systems serving commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings
Magnetic Refrigeration
Neutrons for Heat Storage (NHS)
Numerical Study on flow boiling in micro/mini channels
Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings
Prosumer-Centric Communication for Solar PV Diffusion
Renewable Energy Park - RE-Park
SFDD for Heat Pumps
Solar photovoltaic systems in Swedish cooperative housing
Smart Control Strategies for Heat Pump Systems
Solar energy and ground source heat pumps for Swedish multi-family housing
Two phase heat transfer & pressure drop with new environment friendly refrigerants in minichannels
Wuxi Sino-Swedish Eco-City Project