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A new article in Nature investigates what climate change action means for Sustainable Development

Published Aug 09, 2019

15 July, 2019

A new study published in the journal Nature Sustainability, looks at all 169 Targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  and investigates how each would be affected by 1) climate change and 2) the actions necessary to address it. The study was led by  assistant professor , in collaboration with co-authors from University College London , University of Sussex , University of British Columbia , Politecnico di Milano  and the International Energy Agency (IEA) .

The analysis explains how climate change threatens nearly all UN Sustainable Development Goals, while well-planned climate mitigation and adaptation actions would contribute to achieving 134 (80 percent) of the SDG targets. But it also identifies areas in which development gains could be at odds with climate action and vice versa. The Article discusses then how climate action can be harmonized with other sustainable development policy to enhance policy effectiveness and legitimacy in both domains.

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