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Concentrating Solar Power and Techno-Economic Analysis Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) group. We are part of the Heat and Power division.

The CSP Group

About Us

The concentrating solar power (CSP) and techno-economic analysis (TEA) group begun its activities in 2010 at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The group operates a close-knit group, with 2 professors, 5-6 PhD students and up to around 8 Master of Science thesis students (depending on the academic period).

Activities within the CSP-TEA group are clustered on five key areas: Read More

  1. High-flux solar gas turbine design and testing,
  2. High-flux solar Stirling engine design and testing,
  3. Techno-economic analysis and market studies,
  4. Thermo-mechanical analysis of solar power plant components,
  5. Thermal energy storage integration strategies.

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Group Leaders

Associate Prof. Björn Laumert

Emeritus Prof. Torsten Strand