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Solar Lab Inauguration

During the last 3 years, the solar group at the division of Heat and Power Technology has built a unique and one of the strongest indoor solar laboratories for high flux solar research. With its versatility concerning light quality and strength, the laboratory is perfectly suited to conduct research for concentrated solar power, solar heating, concentrated PV, high temperature solar reactors and high temperature materials at relevant component scales. At the moment 3 international and national CSP research projects are beeing conducted in the laboratory, designing solar receivers for micro-turbines and stirling dish solutions. We are also going to demonstrate the complete CSP micro-turbine system in the laboratory.
Join us in the inauguration of this facility!

Time: Fri 2015-02-27 10.00

Location: EKV/HPT Lab, Brinellvägen 68

Lecturer: EKV/CSP Group


Björn Laumert
Head of the CSP Group

About the Lab

Light source 12 Xenon-arc lamps
Concentration Fresnel lenses
Focal distance 1500 mm
Focal spot diameter 200 mm
Total power 84 kWe
Power in focal spot 20 kW
Peak light flux 6.7 MW/m2

More information regarding the solar lab can be found  Read more

Event Schedule 

10-12 Presentation of EKV/HPT, solar group activities and solar lab (Learning Theater, M235)
12-13 Visit to Solar Lab (EKV Lab)
13-14 Lunch and Drinks (EKV Kitchen)
Evening Casual Pub-evening out (TBA)

Event Registration

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You can learn more about the KTH-CSP group and our activities  here

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