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5th workshop in modelling CLEW systems in Nicaragua

Published Apr 27, 2020

Capacity building in modelling CLEWs systems continues in Nicaragua.

From 10 - 13 December 2019, another workshop was conducted with the participation of government officials from several institutions: Ministry of Finance and Public Credit ( MHCP ), INETER , Ministry of Energy and Mines ( MEM ), Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade ( MIFIC ), Central Bank of Nicaragua ( BCN ), Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources ( MARENA ), Ministry of Agriculture ( MAG ), National Forestry Institute ( INAFOR ), and the Secretariat of the Presidency of Nicaragua (SEPRES). This workshop was dedicated to explore the updates in the CLEWs model of Nicaragua, to work on data updates, discuss assumptions and to identify further improvement opportunities. The aim is to use the CLEWs model, developed in OSeMOSYS, to investigate sustainable pathways for the development of the livestock sector in combination with reforestation policies. The workshop was organised by UNDESA  and the Ministry of Finance. The workshop was conducted by Thomas Alfstad, from the Divison of Economic Analysis and Policy of UNDESA, and Eunice Ramos, from KTH - division of Energy Systems, with support from Abhishek Shivakumar (UNDESA).