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A CLEWs publication on cross-scale impacts of local decarbonisation decisions

Published May 06, 2019

27 March 2019

A new paper by PhD candidate Rebecka Engström explores cross-scale nexus impacts from a local case example in Sweden. The implementation of an ambitious municipal plan to reach a fossil free local energy system by 2030 is modelled through a set of stylized scenarios. Land use and water impacts are traced through the system, and results show that impacts on these resources are highly path-dependent, both in terms of magnitude and in terms of geography. Some decarbonisation pathways have larger water impacts nationally, while others may affect land use locally or internationally more. Each of these resource systems is linked to different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The study thereby highlights that trade-offs and synergies between SDGs are non-static, but vary between pathways. It concludes that local action to tackle climate change and enhance local sustainability are imperative, but needs to consider non-local implications across the CLEW-nexus and across the SDGs.
THe paper is co-authored by Gia Destouni (Stockholm University), Mark Howells, Vivek Ramaswamy (former KTH-dESA), Morgan Bazilian (KTH dESA affiliate) and Holger Rogner (IIASA), and is available here: