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Data for energy models: the example of the long-term electricity supply model for Jordan

Published Apr 27, 2020

A recent publication presenting the techno-economic data used for the electricity system's model of the Hashmite Kingdome of Jordan.

A recent publication in the journal “ Data in Brief ” presents the techno-economic data used in the development of the electricity system’s model for the Hashmite Kingdome of Jordan. The data was used in the development of an OSeMOSYS model which aimed at investigating the impact of renewable energy penetration in the reliability of the electricity system. The modelling exercise was performed during the participation of Dr. Osama Saadeh  and Dr. Zakaryia Dalala , from the German Jordanian University , in the OSeMOSYS track of the 2019 edition of the ICTP Summer School on Modelling Tools for Sustainable Development - OpTIMUS . This work is an excellent contribution to the energy modelling community in support of transparency and replicability of energy models. In addition, it enables new users to better understand the data requirements of energy modelling tools. You can access the publication, and supplementary material, here .