Jonas Anund Vogel - ”Årets Projektledare 2018”

Published Nov 27, 2018

The Swedish Project Academy has today awarded Jonas Anund Vogel the price ”Årets Projektledare 2018” for his work with KTH Live-in Lab.

It’s the first time in the price´s 23 years history it goes to someone in Academia.

Colleagues and friends from the Department of Energy Technology congratulate Jonas! 

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That is what Jonas says about our greetings and his award:

" Thank you all!

I just wish to say that even though I got the award, KTH Live-In Lab is of course a ”product” based on collaboration. Per Lundqvist has always been there, guiding me and the process. Niccolas Albiz with his everlasting positive energy and social skills, David Bohn Stoltz when in need of help and expertise, Marco Molinari for deep detailed knowledge in systems, Alena and Anneli for guiding me through the depths of economy, Björn Palm for knowledge and letting us continue even when economy was a bit ”interesting”...

Also Peter Kjaerboe who started the idea together with me and Pelle during lunch breaks and the last year also Adde Jeihouni for the positive collaboration. 

Also a big thanks to Willem, José, Patricia, Alberto, Hatef, Jörgen, Jaime, Jocke, Benny, Peter who has made the initiative possible! I bet I forgot many of you, it is not by purpose, just an effect of why I got the award: more fun than excel-sheets ;)

Thanks again! 

Cheers // Jonas"

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Last changed: Nov 27, 2018