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KTH CLEWs paper reaches 150 citations in Web of Science!

Published Aug 09, 2019

CLEWs research is gaining attention!

The article titled “ Integrated analysis of climate change, land-use, energy and water strategies ” published in the July 2013 issue of Nature Climate Change journal, reached 150 citations in the Web of Science  database. The article was authored by some of our  researchers in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency , the International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA , the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis , the Stockholm Environment Institute , the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs , the Food and Agriculture Organization  and Agricultural Research and Extension Unit. 

On the article, several topics are discussed, including the CLEWs framework, CLEWs in Mauritius, Lessons learned and Next Steps. It is argued that the lack of integration in resource assessments and policy-making leads to inconsistent strategies and inefficient use of resources. Therefore, CLEWs is presented as a new paradigm for resource assessments, that is believed could help to remedy some of these shortcomings.