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KTH-dESA support the Libyan and Tunisian consultation workshops on the sustainable development of s

Published May 06, 2019

Hammamet, Tunisia - April 1 - 4, 2019

The two national consultation workshops for Libya and Tunisia were held back-to-back between 01-4 April 2019, in Hammamet in Tunisia. A delegation of authorities and experts from the water, energy, agriculture and environmental fields discussed enhancing transboundary cooperation in the North Western Sahara Aquifer System (NWSAS) shared between Libya, Tunisia and Algeria. The discussions during the two workshops were informed by a participatory assessment of intersectoral “nexus” trade-offs and synergies in managing the NWSAS, developed jointly by the Water Convention Secretariat serviced by UNECE , the Global Water Partnership Mediterranean (GWP-Med) , the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS)  and KTH. , PhD candidate at , presented the key challenges and suggested solutions related to the energy sector in the NWSAS region. Furthermore, he presented the results of the GIS-based modelling developed to address key nexus questions in a quantitative manner. These presentations (and others) served as inputs for the group discussions that elaborated on packages of multi-sectoral solutions and their possible implementation at national and transboundary levels.