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Paper by our colleagues - among the top

Cover of the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Published Oct 08, 2020

Paper by our colleagues has recently become one of the most downloaded according to the statistics by the Interantational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

The paper "Heat transfer study of enhanced additively manufactured minichannel heat exchangers"  has recently been published in the "International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. Volume 161, November 2020, 120271".

This paper by the authors Hamidreza Rastan, Amir Abdi, Monika Ignatowicz, Björn Palm, from the Department of Energy Technology, KTH; Bejan Hamawandi from the Department of Applied Physiscs, KTH and Josua P. Meyer from the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa is at the moment among the most downloaded papers during the past quarter, according to the Journal's statistics .

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