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Third CLEWs steering committee held at the ICTP in Trieste (Italy)

Published Jul 12, 2019

June 22, Trieste, Italy

The third CLEWs steering committee meeting was held at the ICTP (Trieste, Italy) on June 22. Representatives of KTH-dESA, UNDESA, UNDP and IAEA attended the meeting which focused on tacking stock of CLEWs work performed by the different institutions since the conceptualization of the framework. Collaboration, development and dissemination of the CLEWs approach, in its different forms, were also discussed. The CLEWs approach focuses on assessing interlinkages between resource systems in order to understand how these are interrelated, where pressure points exist, and how to minimize trade-offs while potentiating synergies. The analysis usually involves a strong quantification process which can be performed in different scales of complexity, either by 1) using accounting frameworks; 2) via the development of sectoral models and linking of tools; or 3) making using of one single modelling tool that accounts for the representation of several cross- and inter-systems’ interactions. The models are then used to investigate questions related to the relevant nexus interactions.