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Wanted: ventilation team for buildings post corona

Conference room in the basement of KTH Live-in Lab.
KTH Live-In Lab wants to find partners interested in how to ensure risk free indoor space during a challenge such as the corona virus.
Published Feb 03, 2021

Will ventilation systems in future buildings be designed in a different way to minimize spread of bacteria and virus? This question is raised by KTH Live-In Lab who’s looking for new partners to solve building ventilation challenges post corona.

Last week Live-In Lab hosted a live-session to bring industry and academia together to discuss questions related to building ventilation.

“We discussed how we ensure risk free indoor space during a challenge such as the corona virus. Also, we want to find partners interested in collaborating around these questions,” says Jonas Anund Vogel, director of KTH Live-in Lab and head of R&D at Bengt Dahlgren.

There’s a lot of competence that together might improve the knowledge on how to design more resilient and efficient ventilations systems in different locations.

For example, visualizing and simulating particles in different types of air flows, calculating the spread of airborne pathogens indoors, the kitchen hood’s role for removing particles etc.

“Also, issues related to humidity, and the now frequent use of screens in public places, was brought up as interesting parameters to investigate, as well as cross-contamination in ventilation systems using mixed air flows and/or rotating heat exchangers.”

Material from the event is now being structured, research questions and resources identified.

About KTH Live-In Lab and the future R&D


Following partners has so far expressed interest in participating in future R&D: KTH, LTH, Chalmers, Bengt Dahlgren, Tovenco, Geberit, Avidicare.

Are you interested in being part or help fund R&D related to building ventilation and corona? If so, contact Jonas Anund Vogel

Follow the development of the project at

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