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Workshop on the SIM4NEXUS Serious Game

Published Jun 27, 2019

April 26, 2019

On April 26, Strane Innovation  (one of the 25 partners in SIM4NEXUS ) organised the first meeting of the Nexus Business Group. The meeting included a hands-on session on the Serious Game for the case study of Greece, developed by consortium partners at the University of Exeter  and DHI . More than 20 participants attended the event, some of which external to the SIM4NEXUS project. The workshop aimed at collecting feedback on the Serious Game and its exploitation in line with the objectives of: (i) filling the gap between potential users and the products and services produced by SIM4NEXUS; (ii) development of the tracks of exploitation already existing; and, (iii) instigating new directions of exploitation based on the external participant inputs. Further development of the Serious Game and exploitation strategies will be discussed in the coming SIM4NEXUS meeting, to be held in Riga (Latvia) In July.