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News - Energy technology


  • Success story - KTH trio shines in Desertec project

    Published Aug 15, 2012

    Three young KTH Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) alumni with a passion for a better world have been independently developing different solar techn...

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  • New handbook for employees at EGI

    Published Jul 16, 2012
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  • DESA helps to break new ground in open data for energy planning

    Published Jul 02, 2012

    Together with Cambridge, Stanford, UNIDO and others KTH-EGI Division of Energy Systems Analysis (DESA) helps break new ground in open data for energy ...

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  • MSc thesis registration closed for vacation

    Published Jun 29, 2012

    No thesis work or grade will be registered in LADOK from July 2nd until August 6 due to vacation time. You are WELCOME to apply again in AUGUST! Have ...

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  • Three new projects approved within two days

    Published Jun 27, 2012
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  • Renewable Energy Research to Focus on Africa

    Published Jun 11, 2012

    In partnering with the International Renewable Energy Agency, KTH positions itself to create a range of new research and internship opportunities. Pro...

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  • Work in progress on the webpage

    Published Mar 08, 2012
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  • MSc thesis instructions are updated

    Cover page KTH Master
    Published Jan 31, 2012

    Please visit the homepage dedicated to Master thesis work. Instructions are updated and a few project proposals were recently added. Students, their s...

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