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Master thesis research

On this page we have collected all the necessary information regarding preparation, writing and defending your Master Thesis work.

In the menu to the left you can see the proposed topics for Master thesis research. You can choose among them, read through and contact the responsible person for details before you decide on what you will work on. The topic of your thesis can also be chosen by the student, according to own preferences. In this case, finding funding and supervisor is the responsibility of the student.

After determining your thesis topic and agreeing with your supervisor, please read the instructions for Starting your thesis work and follow them (menu to the left). Please note that you have to be registered for thesis work. Make sure that you and your supervisor have signed under the Application form and that it is further processed for registration.

When you are approaching the defense of your thesis work, please consult the instructions regarding Finishing your thesis work, in the left column. Make sure that both you and your supervisor/examiner are familiar with the procedures and follow them.

Separate Instructions for supervisors and examiners are also provided.

Good luck with your Thesis Work!

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