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Här visas de 50 senaste publikationerna från institutionen för Energiteknik.

J. Marchante-Avellaneda, E. Navarro-Peris och Y. Song, "Development of map-based models for the performance characterization in a new prototype of Dual Source Heat Pump," Applied Thermal Engineering, vol. 236, 2024.
N. Moksnes, M. Howells och W. Usher, "Increasing spatial and temporal resolution in energy system optimisation model – The case of Kenya," Energy Strategy Reviews, vol. 51, 2024.
F. Urban, A. Nurdiawati och F. Harahap, "Sector coupling for decarbonization and sustainable energy transitions in maritime shipping in Sweden," Energy Research & Social Science, vol. 107, 2024.
C. Gil Ribeiro och S. Silveira, "The impact of financial incentives on the total cost of ownership of electric light commercial vehicles in EU countries," Transportation Research Part A : Policy and Practice, vol. 179, 2024.
P. Fagrell och J. Anund Vogel, "Building The Future : Unveiling Educational and Competence Demands for Smart and Sustainable Buildings," Civil engineering research journal, vol. 14, no. 3, 2024.
C. Pourier, F. Beltran och N. Sommerfeldt, "Solar photovoltaic/thermal (PVT) technology collectors and free cooling in ground source heat pump systems," Solar Energy Advances, vol. 4, 2024.
M. Mansuino, J. Thakur och A. Lakshmi, "Turning the wheel : Measuring circularity in Swedish automotive products," Sustainable Production and Consumption, vol. 45, s. 139-157, 2024.
H. Mårtensson och M. Billson, "Aeroacoustic Effects on the Forcing of Fan and Compressor Blades Due to Distortion," Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power, vol. 146, no. 6, 2024.
B. Khavari, "Geospatial Open-Source Modelling for Integrated Energy Access Planning : New Tools and Methods to Bridge the Energy Access Gap," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ITM-AVL, 2024:7, 2024.
X. Lyu et al., "A bibliometric evaluation and visualization of global solar power generation research : productivity, contributors and hot topics," Environmental Science and Pollution Research, vol. 31, no. 5, s. 8274-8290, 2024.
E. Ntostoglou et al., "Understanding the interactions between biowaste valorisation and the Sustainable Development Goals: insights from an early transition stage," International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, vol. 16, no. 1, s. 53-72, 2024.
S. Rasool et al., "Insight of proton transport phenomena in semiconductor ionic materials," Journal of Power Sources, vol. 598, 2024.
K. Bäcklund, P. Lundqvist och M. Molinari, "Showcasing a Digital Twin for Higher Educational Buildings : Developing the Concept Towards Human Centricity," Frontiers in Built Environment, vol. 10, 2024.
K. Bäcklund, O. Vigren och J. Carlsson, "Implementing digital innovations : Overcoming organizational challenges," Developments in the Built Environment, vol. 18, 2024.
G. J. F. Barbero, M. Basquens och E. J. S. Villasenor, "Euclidean self-dual gravity : Ashtekar variables without gauge fixing," Physical Review D : covering particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology, vol. 109, no. 6, 2024.
S. Gulshan et al., "Performance analysis and production of aromatics for ex situ catalytic pyrolysis of engineered WEEE," Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, vol. 179, 2024.
M. Silva et al., "EMB3Rs: A game-changer tool to support waste heat recovery and reuse," Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 309, 2024.
W. Sun et al., "Na0.6Co3O4- La/Pr co-Doped Ceria as Semiconductor-Ionic Heterostructure Material for Fuel Cell Application," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 171, no. 4, 2024.
L. A. Choque Campero, "Brayton-Stirling-Membrane Distillation systems for clean energy and water access in rural Bolivia," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ITM-AVL, 2024:6, 2024.
B. Francisco et al., "Empirical investigation of solar photovoltaic-thermal collectors for heat pump integration," Applied Thermal Engineering, vol. 248, 2024.
A. S. Gupta och D. Khatiwada, "Investigating the sustainability of biogas recovery systems in wastewater treatment plants- A circular bioeconomy approach," Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, vol. 199, 2024.
H. Anglart, Thermal safety margins in nuclear reactors. Informa UK Limited, 2024.
K. Bäcklund, "Human-Centric Operations of Smarter Higher Educational Buildings in Sweden," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ITM-AVL, 2024:9, 2024.
M. G. Wolde et al., "A life cycle assessment of clinker and cement production in Ethiopia," Cleaner Environmental Systems, vol. 13, 2024.
C. Jiang et al., "F-doped LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2-? : cathodes with enhanced ORR catalytic activity for LT-SOFCs," Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 940, 2023.
Y. Song et al., "Data-driven soft sensors targeting heat pump systems," Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 279, s. 116769, 2023.
Y. Almulla, "Energy-Water and Agriculture Nexus to Support the Sustainable Management of Shared Water Resources," Doktorsavhandling Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ITM-AVL, 2023:6, 2023.
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