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KTH Live-in Lab's presents its annual report for 2020

Published May 07, 2021

"2020 has once again been a very exciting year for KTH Live-In Lab as a research center", writes CEO Jonas Anund Vogel in the newly released annual report.

The report presents the project results, among interviews, a compilation of their media prescence and guesting of conferences. 

Covid-19 made the year a bit more quiet than the otherwise busy Live-In lab, which allowed them to shift their focus towards the digital world and develop a 3D video that invited viewers to a virtual tour of their facilities. Following the digital trend, KTH Live-In Lab further developed their Datapool. Data from testbeds have now been used in many courses, for thesis projects, for KTH research and also for projects with collaborating researchers in Europe and the United States.

The research centre also announces that they received 19 projecet applications and accepted 13, 3 of those projects have already been started.

Read the full report here: KTH Live-In Lab Annual report 2020.

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