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2023 HPT Chili Competition Heats Up the Energy Department

Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash. [cropped]
Published Oct 17, 2023

In a celebration of spice, culinary creativity, and togetherness, our division hosted the 2023 HPT Chili Salsa Competition.

This year's competitors were:

Audience members voted based on spiciness, tastiness, and attractiveness. Milk was required to cool down their palates as they sampled all four salsas. The rules were simple: participants received a set of chilies that they could blend with any desired ingredients, except for more chilies than those provided.

In the end, Emil  emerged as the champion for the second time in a row and is now also known as "the chili master."

This competition exemplified our division's spirit—where research meets a healthy environment, all while savoring the spice of life.

Participants of the chili competition
Chili sauces
Tasting time
Tasting time
Jens, the event organizer, showing the final score
Left to right: Steffen (3rd place), Jules (2nd place), Carlos (4th place), and Emil (1st place)