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Advancing Aerospace: VIFT Project Secures Funding for Virtual Engine Demonstrator

Photo by emanuviews on Unsplash [cropped]
Published Dec 04, 2023

The successful, long-term collaboration among turbomachinery researchers from KTH, Chalmers University, Lund University, and GKN Aerospace AB continues to thrive. The new joint research project, VIFT, has secured funding approval from Vinnova’s NFFP8 program.

VIFT stands for 'Virtual Integrated Fan and Turbine', and the project aims to further develop the virtual engine demonstrator initiated in 2017 under the VINK project. 'The virtual engine platform developed through this collaboration has been extremely important for us, as it provides a notional engine framework that is not restricted by IP requirements. Simultaneously, it is very representative of modern turbofan engine designs with an estimated entry into service in 2035,' says Nenad Glodic , who is responsible for the activities carried out by the KTH team . This platform offers a relevant context for all research disciplines involved in the development and serves as an incubator for new research ideas.

In this latest project, efforts will be directed toward engine noise analysis and the improved design of the LPT turbine and fan stage, with a particular focus on the introduction of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber composites. For further details, please visit the project description page .

Virtual integrated demonstrator