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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and KTH launch joint doctoral programme

Published Jun 24, 2024

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna join forces to develop efficient, safe and intelligent heat pump technologies for densely populated residential areas.

The two research institutes are launching a joint doctoral programme on 1 July 2024 for the development of heat pump technologies in urban areas. As part of the programme, the optimum design for heat pumps will be identified from both a technical and economic perspective at various system levels. A strong focus is on the development of innovative methods of providing digital services for heat pump systems.

Andreas Kugi, AIT Scientific Director: “This international cooperation gives doctoral students exclusive access to leading experts and institutions in the field of heat pump technology, thermal energy systems and digitalisation. In collaboration with KTH as a renowned academic partner, we can fulfil the programme’s claim of achieving excellence in all areas”.

Hatef Madani, Associate Professor and Head of Division of Applied Thermodynamics, Department of Energy Technology at KTH: “Digitalisation is more than ever playing an increasingly important role in the development of innovative solutions to challenges in the energy sector. Our PhD programme offers students the opportunity to work at the forefront of these developments and make a significant contribution to the future of building heating technologies.”

Thomas Fleckl, Head of Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems at AIT: “The use of heat pumps to meet heating requirements in densely populated urban areas requires much research. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience makes this PhD programme unique. Our graduates will be able to put innovative ideas into practice and drive change in the field of building heating and cooling.”

Focusing on technological development and economic services

The joint PhD programme, open for applications from 6 May 2024, focuses on innovations in the field of building heating and cooling. The HEAPNOSYS (HEAt Pumps as the driver of iNtelligent energy SYStems) programme is based on various research projects which are closely linked thematically and promote scientific exchange between the experts at AIT and KTH. The programme is based on two pillars: the development of a heat pump system for different boundary conditions in densely populated urban areas and the development of innovative services for building heating and cooling systems. The two pillars comprise the development and testing of a prototype heat pump system as well as the development of digital heat pump twins, both of which support the installers and service personnel with the safe, efficient and error-free installation, operation and maintenance of heat pump systems.

Call for positions

The PhD programme is open to applicants with a strong background in energy engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering, physics, a similar discipline or computer science. Those interested can apply for the programme via the KTH and AIT websites.

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