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Chang Su makes district heating more sustainable

Published Dec 08, 2020

Chang Su's IRIS related research about the decarbonization of the Swedish district heating sector has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.

Congratulations Chang Su at the Department of Energy Technology, you just received 30 months funding from the Swedish Energy Agency.

What is the problem you want to solve?

Chang Su, Post doc Energy Technology

“The research is about decarbonization of the Swedish district heating sector. Nowadays fossil fuels still account for around 7% of input energy for district heating (DH) in Sweden.”

So how can your research help?

“To achieve a zero-carbon emission DH system, this research is going to use high-resolution geographical information system mapping to find the locations and potentials of clean and non-fossil heat sources for cities. Then the DH’s fossil fuels will be replaced by matching the energy sources with the building heat loads in a cost-efficient way.”

Who will benefit from the results in society?

“The results will synergize city managers, energy companies and related industries on common climate goals. The results will also benefit large property owners by making renewable and low-carbon heating more accessible and affordable (clean heat for all).”

How does the project fit in the IRIS project?

“The project particularly fits the IRIS area 3: Sustainable Energy Systems – Technology and Business Perspectives. The project will create new technology and business models for energy transitions in the built environment. This will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals no 7, 11 and 13 as well as Sweden’s environmental goals.”