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HPT Researchers Participate in Enerstock 2024, Showcasing Thermal Energy Storage Innovations

Published Jun 17, 2024

Last week, researchers from HPT participated in the Enerstock 2024 conference, held in Lyon, France, from June 5-7. Enerstock is a leading international conference on energy storage, addressing the latest developments in science, policies, and deployment. Organized every three years by the IEA Energy Storage Technology Collaboration Programme, it attracts hundreds of experts from around the world.

HPT Presentations

Day 1:

  • Haoyang Dong kicked off HPT's contributions with an insightful oral presentation titled, "Phase Change Material Integrated Underground Thermal Energy Storage in Heating and Cooling Applications: A Review". His presentation explored the potential of phase change materials to enhance the efficiency of thermal energy storage systems in various applications.

Day 2:

  • Lianying Shan presented on "High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage with Phase Change Materials in Concentrated Solar Power Systems: A Case Study." This presentation delved into innovative methods of utilizing phase change materials for high-temperature thermal storage, particularly in solar power systems.

  • Mateo Sanclemente Lozano shared his research through an oral presentation titled, "Integrated High Temperature Heat Pump and Thermal Energy Storage Laboratory Rig - Engineering Considerations and Preliminary Design." His work highlighted the design and engineering considerations of integrating heat pumps with thermal energy storage systems.

Mateo Sanclemente Lozano
Mateo Sanclemente Lozano doctoral student Profile

Day 3:

  • Konstantinos Apostolopoulos-Kalkavouras concluded HPT's participation with his presentation, "Conceptual Development and Upscaling Considerations of a Radial Flow Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage with Multiple Coaxial Particle Layers." This presentation focused on the innovative design and scaling strategies for radial flow packed bed thermal energy storage systems.

Konstantinos Apostolopoulos Kalkavouras
Konstantinos Apostolopoulos Kalkavouras doctoral student Profile

The HPT team’s participation in Enerstock 2024  underscores their commitment to advancing thermal energy storage technologies. Their presentations not only showcased cutting-edge research but also fostered meaningful discussions on the future of energy storage solutions.

We congratulate Haoyang, Lianying, Mateo, and Konstantinos for their impactful contributions and look forward to their continued innovations in the field.