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New Doctoral Position for Innovative Climate-Land-Energy-Water Systems Modeling

Published Nov 14, 2023

The Division of Energy Systems within the Department of Energy Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), opens new Doctoral position focused on advancing integrated Climate-Land-Energy-Water Systems (CLEWs) modeling to support sustainable development globally.

The research, funded by the Climate Compatible Growth Program (CCG), will focus on integrated resource optimization and stakeholder engagement for resource management and energy policy planning. The geographical focus is set on Zambia and Laos, where the team aims to contribute to sustainable development by considering various dimensions of integrated planning.

A new doctoral position has been established for this research initiative. As a Ph.D. student in this role, the primary responsibility will be to delve into resource optimization within long-term scenarios, aligning with and supporting national development strategies. The modeling framework used is OSeMOSYS, a robust tool well-suited for developing comprehensive models of energy systems.

Key to the success of this research project is the active participation of national stakeholders. The Ph.D. student will engage directly with stakeholders to define the contextual parameters, shape scenarios, and transfer modeling capacity. This approach ensures that the research outcomes are not only academically rigorous but also practically relevant and align with the unique needs and challenges of the chosen countries.

This involvement will be facilitated through collaborative initiatives, including the EU-funded project RE-INTEGRATE  and UN-funded technical assistance programs operating within Zambia and Laos. By leveraging existing collaborative frameworks, the research aims to enhance the impact of its findings and foster a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to sustainable development.