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Seminar on Smart and Sustainable University Campuses 2030

Applying science in houses of science

Published Sep 27, 2023

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Akademiska Hus welcome you to the seminar "SMART AND SUSTAINABLE UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES 2030". Welcome to participate and support the competing student groups.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Akademiska Hus welcome you to the seminar



Where: KTH Main Stockholm Campus, D3, Lindstedtsvägen 9

Or alternatively via the Zoom link  

When: Friday September 29th, 13:00-15.00

Within KTH Energy Technology’s masters course Energy Management (MJ2511), more than 150 students have worked on seventeen university campuses in Sweden and delivered specific recommendations on how to create a smart and sustainable campus by 2030. These recommendations are supported with a complete urban energy system analysis, including; well defined boundaries, a description of the energy, people, and materials flows within and across the boundaries, and a comprehensive quantitative modeling and simulations of energy systems.

The top five groups will present their proposals at this KTH event and one group will be awarded as the winner to travel to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona to present their work. The runner-up group will travel to Valencia to present at the final workshop of the European project TIME. The seminar will be of interest to anyone from business, government, or academia involved with sustainable cities and innovation.

Please find the agenda and detailed information about the event in the attachment below.

Invitation and agenda (pdf 1.5 MB)

Get a glimpse of the future in urban energy systems by joining the seminar!

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