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She is the Female Technical Engineer of the Year

Portrait of a young woman with flowers and a diploma in her hands.
Nemrit Kaur, studying Energy and Environment at KTH, has been named Female Technical Engineer of the Year.
Published May 21, 2024

Congratulations to Nemrit Kaur, who is studying Energy and Environment at ITM and has been named Female Technical Engineer of the Year. The “Female Technical Engineer” program is a talent initiative that enables female and non-binary engineering students to connect with some of Sweden's leading companies.

How do you win this award?

“The award is based on performance in various parts of the program, including case studies, interviews, and applications. The criteria for the award include collaboration skills and solution orientation during participation in the Female Technical Engineer program. A jury, consisting of company representatives, evaluates and scores your abilities and competencies based on these assessments.”

What does the award mean?

“I will receive a tailor-made self-leadership program with Anna Lanegren at Nya Ledarskapet, which provides tools for the best possible start in my career. Additionally, the program offers valuable insights into the field of engineering and opportunities for networking.”

Why did you choose to study Energy and Environment?

“I have always aspired to work with technology in some capacity. My interest in sustainability, climate change, and environmental challenges led me to this program. I wanted to not only study but also create a positive impact on both myself and society, making Energy and Environment a perfect fit.”

Female Technical Engineer

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