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Viktoria Martin – new ISES President

Viktoria Martin.Professor in Energy Technology, ISES President
Published Jun 03, 2024

From July 2024 Viktoria Martin will be the President of the International Solar Energy Society ISES and lead the non-profit organisation for two years. Viktoria Martin is an experienced Professor in Energy Technology and excited about the task.

What will you do as the International Solar Energy Society ISES President?

"As ISES president, my role is to lead the work of the society, which means mobilizing the many voluntary resources we are fortunate to have. Expertise and solarenergy enthusiasts from all over the world are active. We work with knowledge sharing and promoting international collaboration to support the ISES vision of a world with 100% renewable energy for everyone, used wisely and efficiently. The first thing I am excited to be a part of is the upcoming EUROSUN 2024 conference, managed by ISES in collaboration with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling. Knowledge and innovation related to themes like solar in buildings, districts, and industry, along with energy storage, sector-coupling and grid stabilization, will be in focus for one week at the end of August".

Why did you take the opportunity?

"ISES is well-anchored in science, has documented experiences, and a rich network of practitioners. It is trusted a leader for a global, long-term transition to 100% Renewable Energy, something I have worked with for many years".

How does it feel to be the selected one?

"I am extremely excited, grateful for the honor, and humbled by the task. I am whole-heartedly devoted to lead on and mobilize our diverse competencies for the task!"

ISES, a non-profit UN-accredited membership NGO founded in 1954. The NGO informs and connects a diverse membership of researchers, academics, professionals, practitioners, businesses, decision makers, and advocates in more than 100 countries.

International Solar Energy Society