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PhD Studies in Energy and Environmental Systems

Here you can read about the doctoral program for Energy and Environmental Systems and find contacts.

The Department of Energy Technology has as its main focus - research and education directed to contribute to building-up sustainable energy systems.

The Department consists of four Divisions with research areas spread between technical and interdisciplinary sciences, namely Heat and Power Technology, Applied Thermodynamics and Refrigeration and Energy Systems.

Our research traditions have their background in mechanical engineering, but cover also some parts of chemistry, material science, physics, regional planning and economy. Research areas cover turbomachinery, aeroelasticity, thermal energy storage, fuel cells technology, biofuels, heat pump technology, heating and ventilation, inner climate, heat transfer, energy and climate policies, market and sustainability analyses, modelling of energy systems in buldings and districts, modelling of resourse flow on national and regional levels and others.

Energy Technology is the main research area at the Department. The research can be run both in the separated topic or in between different topics. Collaboration between researchers working in different research areas and topics is supported and sustained at the Depratment of Energy Technology.

General syllabus for third-cycle subject

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