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MSc thesis proposals

Modelling solar and wind resources in a long-term energy planning model across Europe
The future of heating and cooling in Europe
The Western Balkans ā€“ a source of renewable electricity for Europe?
Hydro power ā€“ enabler for the European energy transition?
Natural gas in Europe ā€“ a bridging fuel?
Policy tools for the decarbonization of Urban Freight Transport in Brazil
Using the sustainable development goals for shaping holistic energy policies
Analysis of hydropower options for electrification in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Analysing mini-grid biomass for OnSSET
Coupling telecommunications services with electrification in the case study of Somalia
Integrated assessment bio-resource utilization in cities using CLEWs approach
Understanding the role of bio-based circular economy concept in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Assessing the role of circular economy for the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals
Electrification of Transportation: EV-PV charging infrastructure
Waste heat recovery from industries for decarbonization pathways
A comparative LCA study of centralized against decentralized wastewater heat recovery in Sweden
Study and comparison pathways for the production of alternative fuels for aviation or marine industry in Sweden
Climate change and food insecurity
Modelling the energy, water and agricultural systems in Sri Lanka
Approaches to utilization of end-of-life plastics for carbon-neutral and circular flows of plastic materials
The role of energy systems in applying circular economy model in cities
Renewables and Demand Side Management