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Our research family is growing: Meet Ana, Haoyang, and Tanima

Published May 02, 2024

We are happy to welcome new faces to our research family! Ana, Haoyang, and Tanima have recently joined us, bringing their exceptional talents and diverse backgrounds from around the globe to our multicultural environment here at HPT.

Meet Ana: Ana, under the guidance of Rafael Guedez  and Silvia Trevisan , is embarking on an exciting journey exploring electricity markets and ancillary services across different countries. Her research focuses on understanding the needs of these services and the potential of power-to-heat and heat-to-electricity technologies to meet them efficiently. Ana's work will pave the way for optimizing asset sizing and operation, benefiting both the grid and service providers. Collaborating with ongoing projects like SCOP2OP-TES  and USES4HEAT , Ana's contribution promises to help achieve a reliable and secure electricity supply in the context of maximum integration of intermittent renewable energies.

Introducing Haoyang: Guided by the expertise of Justin Chiu  and Saman Nimali Gunasekara , Haoyang is dedicated to utilizing phase change materials for transitioning to sustainable heating and cooling systems. He actively participates in the HECTAPUS and IEA ES TCP Task 41  subtask 1 projects. His responsibilities include analyzing and monitoring phase change material storage installations, developing techno-economic models for systems integrating phase change material storage with ground source heating and cooling, and conducting life cycle analyses of these systems.

Meet Tanima: Tanima joins our research group to explore the environmental impacts of integrating thermal energy storage (TES) systems with renewables, industrial heat recovery, and district heating networks. Guided by Andrew Martin , Rafael Guedez , and Silvia Trevisan , she'll develop life-cycle assessment (LCA) and social life-cycle assessment (SLCA) models. Tanima will analyze factors like material selection and operational efficiency to advance sustainable energy integration. Focused on optimizing TES systems to minimize environmental impact and enhance social well-being, Tanima collaborates with EU partners on projects like Uses4Heat  and HYBRIDPlus .

In addition to their excellent academic work, Ana, Haoyang, and Tanima bring with them different cultural experiences that make our research team stronger. We're proud to have them with us, and we're excited to see the new ideas and contributions they'll bring to our division as they start their research.

From the left to the right: Ana, Tanima, and Haoyang
Ana Sanchez Sanz
Ana Sanchez Sanz doctoral student Profile