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SolarPACES 2023 Conference in Sydney, Australia — Meet our division work there

Published Oct 04, 2023

Researchers from the Heat and Power division will be busy over the next days presenting their work at the SolarPACES – Solar Power & Chemical Energy Systems, in Sydney, Australia. Are you there? Make sure to meet us? You won’t be there but you are interested? Just feel free to reach out!

SolarPACES Conference

Here the list of presenters and KTH-HPT involvement…

The presented work will cover ongoing research activities in the projects: SOLARsCO2OL , RIHOND , SHARP-sCO2 , HYBRIDplus .

Monday, October 9

Tuesday, October 10

  • 3.45 PM – 5.15 PM Session: Trends in CSP Technology

Wednesday, October 11

  • 10.30 AM – 12.30 PM Session: Analysis and Simulation of CSP and Hybridized Systems
    • Novel Hybrid PV-CSP Power Plant Indicators Applied to Different Techno-Economic Modeling Approaches. Salvatore Guccione , Matthias Loevenich, Lorenzo Pilotti, William Hamilton, Marco Binotti, Jürgen Dersch, Michael Wagner, Rafael Guedez .
  • 1.45 PM – 3.45 PM Session: Analysis and Simulation of CSP and Hybridized Systems
  • Rafael Guedez acting as session chair
    • 4.15 PM- 6.15 PM Session: Thermal Energy Storage Materials, Media, and Systems
      • Preliminary design of an innovative layered radial-flow high-temperature packed bed thermal energy storage. Silvia Trevisan , Rafael Guedez .
    • 4.15 PM- 6.15 PM Session: Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Components
      • Design Optimization of a MW-scale in-line Molten Salt Electric Heater for Hybrid PV-CSP and Thermal Energy Storage Applications. Rafael Guedez , James Brown, Robert Coss, Panagiotis Drosatos, Grigorios Itskos and Nikolaos Nikolopoulos.
    • 6.15 PM- 7.15 PM Poster Session:

Thursday, October 12

  • 10.30 AM- 1.10 PM Session: Solar Industrial Process Heat and Thermal Desalination
    • Comparative Techno-economic Assessment of Solar Driven Industrial Process Heat Solutions based on Modular Heatcube. Silvia Trevisan , Bjarke Buchbjerg, Rafael Guedez .
  • 1.45 PM – 3.45 PM Session: Analysis and Simulation of CSP and Hybridized Systems.
    • Coupling of Cascaded PCM based Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Supercritical CO2 Power Cycles for Hybrid PV-CSP Plants. Salvatore Guccione , Silvia Trevisan , Emiliano Borri, Anton Lopez-Roman, Cristina Prieto, Luisa F. Cabeza, and Rafael Guedez .
  • Silvia Trevisan acting as session chair
    • 1.45 PM – 3.45 PM Session: Commercial Projects
      • Engineering of FOAK Molten Salt Parabolic Trough and Electric Heater Driven Supercritical CO2 Cycle - Updates from SOLARSCO2OL. Rafael Guedez , Pedro Horta, Paula Martins, Mirko Meyer-Grünefeldt, Jana Stengler, Alvaro Sánchez Sánchez de Puerta, José Luis Aranda, Antonio Jose Ruiz Dominguez, Carlos Tejada Molina, Jesus Zayas, and Noelia Martínez

KTH researchers participating in the SolarPaces Conference in Sydney: