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About the Department of Energy Technology

The Department of Energy Technology aims at contributing to welfare and development through world class research and education in innovative energy technologies and systems, and promotion of the energy sector transition towards sustainability.

Our research

The research, research education and the main part of the education is done independently within each Division. The Units are responsble for their own economy.

Our organisation

The Department of Energy Technology has a board consisting of the Head of the Department, Unit Heads, the study principals and program directors.

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Our education

The courses and programs offered at the Department provide a solid basis for careers in the power industry, manufacturing and construction industries, consulting, government agencies, and for advanced research in the broad field of applied energy technology. Topics are intimately tied to our research activities and include thermal energy conversion, polygeneration, turbomachines, heating and ventilation technology, refrigeration and heat pump technology, biomass, solar energy, energy systems analysis, energy resource assessment, energy policies, and climate change.

The education is a common responsibility at the Department level, but the responsibility for most courses is handed over to the Divisions .

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