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About the Division of Heat and Power Technology

Welcome to the Division of Heat and Power Technology! Here you can find primarily information about the research ongoing in the unit. The descriptions of each project can be found by clicking on the project in the menu.

Our research encompasses the analysis and design of critical components and systems linked to thermal and mechanical energy conversion. Strongly technical approaches are taken to harness renewable energy – solar, wind, and biomass – for providing sustainable electricity, heat, cooling, pure water, and other energy services to single households up to entire cities or regions. We also look to renewable energy sources along with improvements in energy efficiency for developing innovations in transportation on roads and in air and space. Much of our research takes place experimentally in world-class laboratory facilities.

Our vision

An equitable, sustainable and resilient low-carbon future

Our mission

To contribute to the development of sustainable societies through research and teaching in heat and power technology.

Key Research Areas

Head of division

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