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Articles for Kyla & Värme

The Division has a standing column in the Swedish technical journal Kyla och Värme (Cold and Heat). The articles are published in Swedish. Below are English versions of these articles. Note that the texts are sometimes not direct translations and that there may be slight differences in the content.

Lubricant for refrigeration systems. Kyla&Värme November 2021 (pdf 319 kB)

Mitigation of Fluorinated greenhouse gases across EU (Part Ⅱ). Kyla&Värme March 2021 (pdf 228 kB)

Mitigation of Fluorinated greenhouse gases across EU (Part Ⅰ). Kyla&Värme February 2021 (pdf 181 kB)

The opportunities and challenges of R152a. Part 2. Kyla&Värme May 2016 (pdf 441 kB)

The opportunities and challenges of R152a. Part 1. Kyla&Värme April 2016 (pdf 337 kB)

Sources of refrigerant property data. Kyla&Värme February 2016 (pdf 318 kB)

A year in low GWP refrigerants development. Kyla&Värme August 2015 (pdf 189 kB)

The potential dangers of TFA. Kyla&Värme July 2015 (pdf 221 kB)

HFO refrigerants explained in simple words. Kyla&Värme May 2015 (pdf 162 kB)

Understanding refrigerant flammability. Kyla&Värme April 2016 (pdf 343 kB)

Key news in low GWP refrigerants developments. Kyla&Värme June 2015 (pdf 245 kB)

New opportunities for R32. Kyla&Värme March 2015 (pdf 249 kB)

A guide to F-gas regulations guides. Kyla&Värme March 2015 (pdf 193 kB)

In short about R1234ze. Kyla&Värme Jan 2015 (pdf 356 kB)

Replacements for R404A. Kyla&Värme October 2014 (pdf 157 kB)

R1336mzz-Z - new generation nonflammable low GWP refrigerant. Kyla&Värme August 2014 (pdf 346 kB)

New low GWP refrigerants for high temperature heat pumps. Kyla&Värme July 2014 (pdf 542 kB)

Safety of new low GWP refrigerants. Kyla&Värme June 2014 (pdf 213 kB)

Can global temperature change potential replace GWP in upcoming regulations? Kyla&Värme April 2014 (pdf 201 kB)

Iт is time to prepare for the HFC-free future. Kyla&Värme January 2014 (pdf 168 kB)

A year in new low GWP refrigerants development. Kyla&Värme November 2013 (pdf 235 kB)

Defining the “LOW GWP”. Kyla&Värme October 2013 (pdf 189 kB)

What could be the next R410A? Kyla&Värme August 2013 (pdf 168 kB)

European Commission’s feedback on MAC Directive implementation issues. Kyla&Värme March 2013 (pdf 139 kB)

The future of fluorinated gases. Kyla&Värme November 2012 (pdf 173 kB)

Stability and compatibility. Kyla&Värme July 2012 (pdf 291 kB)

Low GWP alternative refrigerants in heat pumps. Kyla&Värme August 2012 (pdf 436 kB)

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