About the division of Heat and Power Technology

Welcome to the division of Heat and Power Technology! Here you can find primarily information about the research ongoing in the unit. The descriptions of each project can be found by clicking on the Project on the left.

The main areas of research that the division of Heat and Power Technology cover is

  • Polygeneration (combined production of electricity, heat, cooling, clean water, fuels, etc.).
  •  Stationary flows and aeroelasticity of turbo machinery.
  •  Use of biofuels in gas turbines.
  • Gasification and combustion technologies.
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Research Groups

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Concentrating Solar Power and Techno-Economic Analysis Group (CSP-TEA)

The concentrating solar power (CSP) and techno-economic analysis (TEA) group begun its activities in 2010 at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). The group operates a close-knit group, with 2 professors, 5-6 PhD students and up to around 8 Master of Science thesis students (depending on the academic period).

Activities within the CSP-TEA group are clustered on five key areas: 

  1. High-flux solar gas turbine design and testing,
  2. High-flux solar Stirling engine design and testing,
  3. Techno-economic analysis and market studies,
  4. Thermo-mechanical analysis of solar power plant components,
  5. Thermal energy storage integration strategies.

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Life-Long Learning Group

Thermal Energy Storage Group

Turbomachinery Group

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