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  • How research cooperation could contribute to achieving the Vision 2030 in the Nordic Region?

    Fast track vision 2030 strategy
    Published Sep 08, 2023

    The Nordic Council of Ministers has a vision to make the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. How can research contribute to realizing Nordisk Råd og Nordisk ...

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  • Innovative PhD Opportunity: Circular Recovery Models for Sustainable Urban Waste Management

    Published Sep 07, 2023

    Are you passionate about sustainability and eager to contribute to a circular economy? KTH Royal Institute of Technology invites motivated individuals to apply for an exciting PhD position within the ...

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  • Exciting PhD Opportunity in Energy Systems Research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology!

    Published Sep 07, 2023

    Are you passionate about advancing renewable energy systems and sustainability? KTH Royal Institute of Technology invites aspiring researchers to apply for an exciting new PhD position at the Division...

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  • SEEEP summer school in China help fighting climate change

    A European man teaching a group of Asian students.
    Björn Laumert was one of the organizers and lecturers at the 8th SEEEP Summer School in China.
    Published Sep 04, 2023

    Global change is a fact – partly thanks to the current energy systems based on oil and gas. What can we do to stop it? Send 43 young energy researchers from Europe and China to summer school! In Augus...

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  • Researchers make power plants more flexible

    Rafael Guedez and José Garcia
    Rafael Guedez and José Garcia from KTH.
    Published Aug 29, 2023

    The increase of solar and wind power demands flexible power plants that can operate when the wind doesn’t blow or there is no sun. Maybe hydrogen or ammonia in gas turbines combined cycle power plants...

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  • Efficient heat exchanger ready for testing

    Computer drawing of the heat exchanger.
    The aluminum prototype filled with phase change material has both high energy density and high power.
    Published Jun 07, 2023

    A 3D-printed heat exchanger in aluminum filled with phase change material – that is what Professor Viktoria Martin and colleagues from KTH have experimented within a laboratory environment. The result...

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  • Björn Palm receives prestigious medal

    Published May 10, 2023

    By being ahead of his time he and his research team have contributed to reshaping an entire industry. For that, Björn Palm, professor at the Department of Energy Technology, receives the Medal of Scie...

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  • Laumert new director at Centrum för Ny Energiteknik (CNETO)

    Björn Laumert in KTH Library
    Published Apr 27, 2023

    Björn Laumert, head of the Department of Energy Technology, is new director at the Centrum för Ny Energiteknik (CNETO) in Oskarshamn. CNETO is a collaboration platform between the public sector, acade...

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  • KTH researcher is a lead author in the GEO-7 report

    Participants at the meeting
    The first Global Author's Meeting for the GEO-7 Report was in Bangkok.
    Published Mar 23, 2023

    In March 2023, hundreds of environmental experts gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, for the first authors' meeting of the Seventh Edition of the Global Environment Outlook (GEO-7) of the UN Environment Pr...

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  • Interdisciplinary PhD school discussed sustainable energy transitions

    A collage from the PhD Winterschool
    Published Mar 17, 2023

    Frauke Urban (INDEK) and Saman Nimali Gunasekara (EGI) organised a PhD Winter School on “Sustainable Energy Transitions – Technology and Management Perspectives” on 13 – 15 March 2023 at KTH.

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  • KTH researchers supporting hydrocarbons as refrigerants in heat pumps

    Propane as an example of hydrocarbon refrigerant
    Published Mar 16, 2023

    KTH researchers take the lead on Position Paper supporting hydrocarbons as refrigerants in heat pumps

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  • 3D printed parts in space no "rocket science"

    Rocketship launch at European Space Agency.
    Photo: © ESA
    Published Mar 15, 2023

    The competitive space industry is now into recycling and cost hunting. By reusing rocket engines and 3D print engine parts cost can be lowered, but how will the 3D parts affect the engines? Researcher...

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  • KTH improves power generation

    Two men standing at a large concentrated solar power plant, with mirrors surrounding them.
    Where the radiation is good it might be suitable to capture heat from the sun is by mirrors angled so that they redirect the light to a point in a tower. The tower gets very hot and fluid takes up and storage the heat that is later used to drive a CO2 turbine. Salvatore Guccione and Rafael Guedez visited this tower in Spain.
    Published Feb 15, 2023

    Many of today's power plants are powered by turbines run by steam. In recent years, turbines driven by a special form of CO2 show exciting potential. There is still research needed to make the technol...

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  • Replacing wood and charcoal stoves in Africa could save half a million lives every year

    Two people hauling bundles of chopped wood on their shoulders on a rural road.
    A new study assigns actual value to the negative aspects of traditional cooking methods in the developing world, including lost time due to collecting wood or other burnable biomass. Pictured, women carry firewood for cooking at home in Kenya. (Photo: Youssef Boulkaid)
    Published Jan 12, 2023

    Half a million lives could be saved each year in sub-Saharan Africa by taking action to reduce reliance on traditional wood- and charcoal-burning stoves, a new study shows.

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  • ScAIEM Winter School

    Winter PhD School
    Published Dec 14, 2022

    The ScAIEM Winter School “Sustainable Energy Transitions – Technology and Management Perspectives” (5 ECTS) is an interdisciplinary PhD course package that offers doctoral students a training in innov...

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  • They won the Ebbe Lyths scholarship 2022

    The winners
    Published Dec 13, 2022

    Two students at the Energy Technology department, Julia Almebäck and Rebecka Magnius, have received a scholarship from Kylbranschens samarbetsstiftelse for their MSc thesis work.

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  • Sri Lankan partners visit at EGI

    Visitors from Sri Lanka
    Published Oct 25, 2022

    During the first week of October the Sri Lankan university partners in the EUSL project were visiting KTH. The Department of Energy Technology offered the long distance guests a packed program.

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  • KTH provides Valencia with sustainable energy plan

    Group photo of the participants
    Published Sep 29, 2022

    Bio waste that generates biogas for public transport was one of the suggestions from the winning team that charmed the jury when master students from EGI competed about best proposal for a sustainable...

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  • A “power bank” for renewables

    Foto: Kyoto Group - Heatcube
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine a factory with a giant "power bank" charged with renewable energy when the availability is good and electricity prices low. To be discharged as heat when sun and wind are scarce and prices hig...

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  • Trust is essential to this year’s ‘Supervisor of the Year’

    A smiling man holding a diploma. He is surrounded by three men and a woman.
    Supervisor of the Year Rafael Eduardo Guedez Mata, with his award and four of his students. Photo: Private
    Published Aug 19, 2022

    This year’s ‘Supervisor of the Year 2021/2022’ award goes to Rafael Eduardo Guedez Mata, a researcher at the EKV Heat and Power Technology division at the ITM School. This is the second year the Ph.D....

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