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Digitalization and IoT technologies for Heat Pump systems

In the last decades digital technologies became widely used in energy end-use sectors and digital solutions have been driving dramatic changes in the society. In the years to come, Heat Pumps are expected to turn more and more into connected devices contributing to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Funded by: Energimyndigheten

Time period: 2020-10-01 – 2022-12-12

Project members:

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB

Supporting partners:

SKVP (Svenska Kyl- och Värmepumpföreningen)

Thermia AB

NIBE Industrier AB



The Research Annex 56 Internet of things for Heat Pumps , proposed by the International Energy Agency (IEA), aims at elaborating opportunities and challenges of IoT enabled Heat Pumps within the collaboration of worldwide experienced companies and institutions.

KTH, in collaboration with RISE, joined the Annex 56 contributing with research activities that will help the Heat Pump Swedish industry to move towards a cost effective digitalization of Heat Pump systems through IoT and data-driven technologies. The present project, coordinated by KTH and funded by Energimyndigheten, represents the Swedish contribution to the Annex 56.

Aim and objectives

The purpose of this proposed study which is a collaboration between KTH and RISE is to:

  • analyze how measurement data automatically collected from connected heat pumps can be used for new features used for energy savings and predictive maintenance.
  • exploit the possibilities with data that is automatically collected from modern connected heat pumps and develop a methodology based on that data to estimate their real capacity and performance.
  • represent the Swedish contribution to the IEA Annex 56 Internet of things for Heat Pumps , where opportunities and challenges of IoT enabled Heat Pumps will be elaborated. Information from ongoing and finalized national projects will be shared with the Annex working group.

The aims of the IoT Annex are:

  • Contributions to the strategic goals of the International Energy Agency Heat Pump collaboration program (IEA HPT TCP)
  • Provide guidance and increase knowledge at different levels (OEMs, heat pump manufacturers, IoT platforms, consultants, installers, legislators, etc.)

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Digitalization and IoT technologies for Heat Pump systems