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Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings

Annex 44: "Performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings" is a European project to define the indicators required to evaluate the energy efficiency in supermarket buildings.


Supermarkets are one of the most energy intensive commercial buildings. A first step to decrease their energy consumption is to provide tools and indicators revealing how efficient the energy systems perform in a supermaket buiding. 


-to create key performance indicators for energy efficient supermarket buildings, so that measurements and monitored data can be converted into knowledge concerning the energy performance of supermarket buildings.
- to create knowledge concerning the energy efficiency of supermarket buildings from measurements and monitored data, that is useful for decision making, benchmarking and development of energy efficiency strategies for supermarket buildings.

Research plan

Seven tasks have been planned for this project:

  1. Mapping of existing energy systems in supermarkets and collection of monitored data from
    selected supermarket chains and individual supermarkets
  2. Definitions & Inventory of resources & System boundaries
  3. Suggestion of suitable key performance indicators.
  4. Evaluation of existing monitoring methodology
  5. Selection and refinement of selected key performance indicators.
  6. Evaluation
  7. Deployment of the knowledge developed (indices, guidelines, papers, fact sheets)

Research Organizations

Annex 44 is a research program in IEA Heat Pump Centre .

Read more about the project at .


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