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European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum

The aim of the European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ECEMF) is to provide knowledge to inform the development of future energy and climate policies at national and European levels.

In support of this aim, ECEMF proposes a range of activities to meet the challenges of

  • ambitious policies such as climate neutrality and the European Green Deal;
  • providing a coherent and relevant evidence base to support policy at national and European levels;
  • reducing the fragmentation of the European research community and
  • enhancing capacity to develop and use scientific evidence for policy.

ECEMF’s programme of events and novel IT-based communications channel will enable researchers to identify and co-develop the most pressing policy-relevant research questions with a range of European and national stakeholders.

Figure 1 The European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum objectives diagram.
Figure 1 The European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum.

Answers will be provided by the first inclusive and open full-scale model comparison exercise on achieving climate neutrality in Europe, including from the outset over 20 models and 15 top research groups, to produce a coherent and relevant evidence-base for energy and climate policy impact assessment.

ECEMF’s evidence-base will support the development of policy-relevant insights which will be communicated to and discussed with the key decision makers via a range of novel methods, including interactive web-embeddable visualisation blocks, policy briefs, workshops and high-profile events.

This loop of knowledge co-production stands on two pillars.

First, ECEMF will advance the state-of-the-art of energy and climate modelling by enabling sharing of: input data using open standards, methods for model comparison building on the vast experience of the consortium, scientific software tools such as the IIASA scenario explorer and hands-on training for researchers.

Second, ECEMF will be established as a long-term, open and welcoming European focal-point for researchers and policy makers with unparalleled international connections to the EMF, JMIP, IAMC and IPCC. Through extensive links to ongoing H2020 projects, research and policy communities & networks ECEMF will reduce fragmentation of the European energy and climate research landscape.

Project partners

The ECEMF  consortium is led by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and consists of 15 partners in total from 9 countries including CMCC , IIASA , PIK , TU Wien , e-think , TNO , Fraunhofer ISI , E3M , PBL , Artelys , Comillas , TU Delft , University of Melbourne  and IOS-PIB .

Time period: May 2021 - April 2025

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Project manager

William Usher
William Usher
associate professor


Francesco Gardumi
Francesco Gardumi
Hauke Henke
Hauke Henke
Emir Fejzic
Emir Fejzic
doctoral student
European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum
Research Initiative on Sustainable Industry and Society (IRIS)
EMB3Rs project