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Department of Energy Technology

The Department of Energy Technology (EGI) aims at contributing to welfare and development through world class research and education in innovative energy technologies and systems, and promotion of the energy sector transition towards sustainability.

The department is a part of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. Read more about the ITM school here.


Social benefits - impact

White house covered in snow.
The heat pump technology would prove to be a good fit in the country of Sweden, mainly due to our cold climate. Photo: Malin on Unsplash

EGI writes energy history with the heat pump

The oil crisis of the 70s marked the start of an energy transition where the heat pump would become something of a success story in Sweden. Björn Palm...

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Tool helps developing countries with energy planning – to limit costs

KTH has developed a tool for energy and integrated water-energy-land use planning: The Open Source energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). The tool calcul...

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Photo: Joakim Aglo un Unsplah

Electricity to the nearly 1 billion people still lacking it

KTH has developed probably the most used electrification tool in the world – a decision support when providing rural and urban areas with electricity....

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