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VIND - Virtual Integrated Demonstrator for turbomachinery

Funded by:

Vinnova (through the NFFP7 program)

Time period:

1 June 2018 – 31 Dec 2021

 Project partners:

  • Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


The VIND project creates a virtual demonstrator environment where academia and industry can meet technically and work out new methods and test the feasibility and potential of new technologies. The platform is developed to be relevant and sufficiently detailed, without being directly related to an existing product. The focus of work packages is such that participating institutions will be able to apply their deeper knowledge in special areas and to investigate the applicability in the relevant environment. In this way, innovative and more radical changes can be examined in a concrete way. A few concept studies of particular interest have been chosen and run in the project because they properly bridge the gap between opportunities found in the laboratory with what the needs and requirements in a real engine look like.

Aims and objectives

Throughout the development of the virtual demonstrator, the project aims at addressing following specific topics:

  • Cycle and performance integration for notional engine
    • Off design cycles dimensioning points
    • 1D compressor mapping
    • 1D turbine layout and map
    • 3D turbine design
  • Advanced blade designs
    • Innovative vane shapes (C-shaped)
    • Blisk intentional mistuning for HCF stress reduction
    • Carbon fiber components and aeroelastic tailoring of blades
  • Innovative engine architecture
    • Whole engine model for geared fan
    • Fan OGV as heat transfer surface
    • Fan OGV (incl. ULC) aero & acoustic performance
  • Innovative generator integration for increased electrification
    • Conceptual selection
    • Generator 2D/3D design
    • Generator cooling integration
    • Generator prototype



Publications coming out of this project will be available through Diva

Contact people

Project leader


Mauricio Gutierrez Salas
Mauricio Gutierrez Salas researcher Profile
VIND - Virtual Integrated Demonstrator for turbomachinery
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